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Business School

With a stellar teaching faculty and a study program that utilizes real-life dilemmas from the world of business to teach students problem-solving techniques and critical thinking methods, the School of Business Management is committed to turning out graduates who will go on to lead in the world of business on a national and global level. Students learn within a warm and supportive environment, and are encouraged to work during the course of their studies, in order to discover real-world application to their theoretical studies.

The Curriculum Structure
The program is composed of 122 semester hours, 20 of which are devoted to the study of law as it relates to the business world. The diverse fields of study include:

The richness of our study program provides students with extensive knowledge in each of the disciplines of Business Management, as well as an overall integrative approach.

The Primary Fields of Study
Marketing plays a crucial role in an organization's success. The ever-changing and dynamic character of today's business environment demands a long-term marketing strategy that is aligned to a company's goals, stimulating them to develop ever more innovative products and services. The subjects studied within the Marketing track provide students with tools with which to analyze the business environment, the competition and consumers, while teaching correct pricing models and how to employ efficient distribution channels.

To master the world of Finance requires an in-depth understanding of several factors at play. During the course of their studies, students will be exposed to key subjects including: performance of a feasibility study, distribution of risks in investment portfolios, performance indexes, cost of capital assessments, capital budgeting, optimal capital structure of companies and associated break-even-point, and fundamentals of financial tools including future contracts and options. Special emphasis is given to clarifying both the theoretical and practical aspects of the capital market, including the development of tools for assessment of trust fund activity and performance. In addition, current events such as the recent sub-prime crisis that hit the global economy will be presented and studied in depth.

Organizational Behavior
This study of the administration of Human Resources within an organization has never been so timely, as in recent years, both managers and researchers have come to understand its critical importance. Recent studies clearly indicate that the success of an organization depends not only on its strategies and technologies, but on its organizational culture, including the leadership capacities of its executives and their ability to motivate and empower their employees.
Organizational Behavior studies are suitable for those who see their future in administration and leadership of an organization's Human Resources.

Business School

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