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Dr. Uri BenolielCommercial Law Department
Head of Department: Dr. Uri Benoliel

Commercial and Civil Law represent the very heart of the legal industry and constitute a large portion of its activities. Communication by complex commercial agreements; provision of legal consultation to companies traded on the stock exchange; confrontation with claims against large corporations in connection with trade restrictions; management of complex commercial-legal proceedings in court or in front of arbitrators – such issues, in addition to many others, constitute the epicenter of activities undertaken by large law firms in Israel.

The Department for Commercial Law offers broad, in-depth and challenging training in the field of Commercial Law, Communications Law and Laws of Intellectual Property. One pivotal and highly important objective of the department is to provide its students with a broad knowledge base on the one hand, and sufficiently in-depth understanding on the other, thus providing them with added value in comparison to graduates of other academic institutions in the field of Law.

The department also aims to accomplish another important goal: Provision of practical knowledge to its students. This is achieved by students participating in practical courses and workshops that enable them to experience first-hand provision of legal advice to new businesses and all that this entails. Furthermore, the department hopes to cooperate with larger law firms in order to provide students with the opportunity to experience actual legal undertakings during the course of their studies.

In addition to an undergraduate degree in Law, compliance with all program requirements shall earn its graduates a “Commercial Law Specialist Certificate.”

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