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Dr. Yaad RotemDean's Welcome

Dear candidates and students,
Welcome to the Law Faculty of The College of Law and Business (CLB)!

In the modern economy, an LLB is a springboard to an occupation in an array of fields – from practicing law through businesses management, companies and organizations and ending with public, social or political activities. A first degree in law therefore guarantees not only an intellectual experience in the exciting world of law but also the acquisition of practical knowledge and professional tools that can catapult the graduate to a wide range of positions and occupations in the workplace. In fact, at the start of the third decade of the establishment of our Law Faculty, we can see how our graduates have become leading lawyers, holding high ranked positions in industry and in the capital market, setting up businesses and enterprises, holding high ranking public positions in the civil service, integrating in the academic world or participating in political activities in the Knesset and in the local authorities.

This success is not by chance. It is the result of the best legal education. In this context, the Law Faculty at the College of Law and Business offers legal training which is based on three main pillars - professionalism, globalism and morality.

Professionalism first of all means constantly striving for excellence in legal education. The teaching staff of the faculty acquired its training at the best universities around the world, including Harvard, Stanford, Colombia, NYU, Berkeley, Chicago and Oxford. Each of the staff members is also engaged in research, and publications by staff members appear regularly in leading journals in Israel and throughout the world.   

We demand professionalism from our students, in order to prepare them for the challenges in the dynamic and competitive field of legal practice. The curriculum encourages the student to choose his professional niche, in which he will develop as a lawyer, as early as possible, and many of our students choose to sign up to one of our active programs in the faculty – the commercial law program, the criminal law and criminology program or the human rights program.
We push our students to strive for excellence. A unique and prestigious program that we run (EGL – Excellence in Global Lawyering) offers outstanding students who are accepted into the program various bonuses, including personal assistance and training from a staff member, according to the student’s wishes, from the first day of studies, and professional enrichment sessions and workshops for providing skills required to practice law, such as appearing before the media and in public.  

Finally, our special program that is run by the faculty deals with the placement of interns and ensures the exposure of our students to law firms and employers. Dozens of graduates from the last class of students have begun working as interns at leading law firms in Israel, and in a survey conducted recently on behalf of the Central Bureau of Statistics our graduates were ranked third among all the law faculties in Israel with regard to their salary levels after two years of graduating. Moreover, the location of our institution, in a modern building situated in the heart the Tel Aviv metropolitan, near to the Ramat Gan financial district, carries many advantages.  

Alongside the emphasis on legal professionalism, the faculty’s perception is that in a world such as ours, which has become a “global village”, excellent legal training must provide the graduate with tools that will allow him, if he so wishes, to integrate into international legal practice. For those of our students who are interested, we therefore offer study courses abroad which we run in cooperation with foreign universities and organizations: in the United States, Britain, France, German and Austria. Lecturers from the leading universities around the world often visit the faculty, at our invitation, to teach in specific elective courses. The faculty has a bilingual program for LLB studies, allowing those who wish to study even compulsory courses in English to do so. The faculty publishes a prestigious international journal in English (ranked third in the world amongst 660 non-American journals in the Impact Factor category), whose editorial members are outstanding students. A student who is interested in obtaining a law license to practice in New York, or continue studying for a second degree in the United States, can already start the process in his undergraduate studies with us.

Together with all the foregoing, we educate our students in morality and social responsibility. Thus for example, the Law Faculty is a pioneer in Israel for training in clinics; namely, integrating students into practical legal work for disadvantaged individuals in the community. We encourage our students to fit into clinics which operate as part of the faculty, in fields such as business responsibility, capital market regulation, education, immigration, protecting the rights of prisoners and more. The participation in clinics provides the student not only with experience in practical legal work already during the course of his studies but also with a great sense of personal satisfaction: our students assisted the lawyers who guided the clinics in establishing one of the most outstanding precedents in Israeli Law when the Supreme Court accepted our petition against the legislation regarding the privatization of prisons in Israel (HCJ 260/05, the The College of Law and Business v The  Minister of Finance). This is the most impressive legal accomplishment ever achieved by a legal clinic in Israel, and even throughout the world. 

From my personal experience, I am aware that the decision to study law changes the very basis of a student’s life and deeply influences him as a human being and as a professional. I invite you to change your life by joining us in an exciting journey through the world of law – in preparation for the challenges of the twenty first century.

Prof. Yaad Rotem
Dean of the Law School

Law school

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