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Prof. Yossi DahanHuman Rights Department
Head of Department: Prof. Yossi Dahan

Within today's modern Israeli society there is a need for lawyers that are committed to the defense of civil, social and collective human rights. The College of Law and Business offers students the opportunity to take part in the human rights department, where they will receive guidance and practical training in order to well equipped with the particular knowledge and skills  needed in order to operate within this specialized legal domain.

The department of human rights provides students with rich theoretical knowledge and practical tools, taught by leading experts in the field. The program aims to increase the students sensitivity to the violations of human rights. 
Students are given the opportunity to participate in practical worships, which enable them to gain experience by being proactive in Human Rights issues of all forms. Students are exposed to real life cases such providing emergency assistance in the field of domestic violence in the Family Division Court of Ramat Gan. Students are put at the forefront of creating petitions to the Supreme Court demanding for policy changes, as well helping with the adoption of new legislation. 

These practical workshops provide students with teamwork experience and empowerment techniques for dealing with individuals whose rights have been infringed. In addition, students participate in special seminars and projects organized by the College of Law and Business, in which they work alongside individuals from underprivileged areas whose rights have been violated.

Students that meet all of the departments requirements , will receive alongside their LL.B. a certificate of “ Human Rights Specialist”.

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