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International Conference: "Multiculturalism and the Antidiscrimination Principle"

In recognition of the international human rights day, the Human Rights Division of Ramat-Gan College Law held its first international human rights conference on the subject of "Multiculturalism and the Antidiscrimination Principle". The conference was conducted as a researchers' workshop and took place in Sheraton City-Tower Hotel, Ramat-Gan, on December 10-12, 2005.

The conference focused on the complicated relationship between the commitment to multiculturalism and the antidiscrimination principle. More specifically, it dealt with the claim of cultural minorities for exemptions and/or accommodations on the basis of the right to equality; as well as with the possible clash between the rights of cultural groups and the right of individuals within these groups to be free from discrimination.

Conference organizer: Dr. Moshe Cohen-Eliya, Ramat-Gan College of Law

Papers from this workshop are published in Journal of law and ethics of human rights
Participants Abstract  
Session I: The Structure of Multicultural Claims  
Prof. Nancy Rosenblum Chair  
Prof. Chaim Gans Individuals' Interest in the Preservation of their Culture: Some Comments Regarding its Meaning, Justification, and Implications  
Dr. Iddo Porat On the Jehovah Witnesses Cases, Balancing Tests, Indirect infringement of Rights and Multiculturalism: A Proposed Model for Three Kinds of Multicultural Claims  
Prof. Alon Harel Commentator  
Dr. Gila Stopler Contextualizing Multiculturalism – A Three Dimensional Examination of Multicultural Claims  
Dr. Yossi Dahan Commentator  
Session II: Religion and Politics  
Prof. Stephen Macedo Chair  
Prof. Nancy Rosenblum Partisan Faith  
Prof. Ruth Gavison Commentator  
Prof. Rajeev Bhargava
On the Persistent Political Under-Representation of Muslims in India  
Prof. Yoav Peled Commentator  
Dr. Michael Karayanni The Religious Matching Requirement Under Israeli Adoption Law: A Historical Ontology  
Dr. Gila Stopler Commentator  
Session III: Financial Incentives  
Prof. Alon Harel Chair  
Dr. Moshe Cohen-Eliya Is conditional Funding a Less Restrictive Means?  
Prof. Stephen Macedo Commentator  
Dr. Yoav Hammer Multiculturalism and the Mass Media  
Dr. David Enoch Commentator
Session IV: Cultural Accommodations  
Dr. Yossi Dahan Chair  
Dr. Julie Suk Language and Identity in the Era of Globalization: The Fair Conditions of Choice  
Prof. Eyal Benvenisti Commentator  
Prof. Ruth Gavison

Days of Rest as a Test of Multiculturalism

Prof. Yossi Yonah Commentator  
Session V: The 'Minority within the Minority'  
Prof. Eyal Benvenisti Chair  
Prof. Alon Harel Regulating Modesty-Related Practices  
Dr. Zvia Greenfield:
Is It Really So Benign? Gender Separation in Ultra-Orthodox Bus Lines – A Response to Alon Harel  
Prof. Jeff Halev-Spinner Commentator  
Dr. Yaácov Ben-Shemesh Law and Internal Cultural Conflicts  
Dr. Yishai Blank Commentator