Participants Yossi Yonah:
First Session
Dr. Yossi Dahan
Prof. Seyla Benhabib
Prof.Yossi Yonah
Dr. Na’ama Carmi
Hassan Jabareen
Second Session
Prof. Seyla Benhabib
Prof. Peter Schuck
Tally Kritzman
Dr. Gila Stopler
Dr. Tzvia Greenfield
Third session
Prof. Daphne Barak-Erez
Prof. Jose Brunner
Dr. Shai Lavi
Prof. Chaim Gans
Dr. Ilan Saban
Fourth Session
Dr. Michael Karayanni
Prof. Christian Joppke
Prof. Sammy Smooha
Dr. Yaacov Ben Shemesh
Moshe Cohen Eliya
Fifth Session
Prof. Eyal Benvenisti
Reaf Zreik
Prof. Claude Klein
Prof. Timothy Waters
Dr. Yuval Shany

Prof. Yossi Yonah, Department of Education, Ben Gurion University

Professor Yonah received his Ph.D. from the philosophy department, University of Pennsylvania, US. He teaches political philosophy and philosophy of education in the department of education, Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He was the head of the Teacher Training Program of the department between the years 1995-2002. He is a senior research fellow with the Jerusalem Van Leer Institute. Professor Yonah has publishes extensively on topics pertaining to moral and political philosophy, philosophy of education and multiculturalism.

Among his recent publications: Maelstrom of Identities: A Critical Look at Religion and Secularity in Israel, Tel Aviv: Hakibbutz Hmeauchad/Van Leer, 2004 (with Goodman, Y.); In Virtue of Difference: The Multicultural Project, Tel Aviv: Hakibbutz Hmeauchad/Van Leer, 2005; What Is Multiculturalism: The Poverty of Discourse, Babble, Tel Aviv, 2005 (with Y. Shenhav); “Israel’s ‘Constitutional Revolution’: The Liberal/ Communitarian Debate and Legitimate Stability,” Philosophy and Social Criticism, 27(4): 41-74. (2001); “Israel Political Stability: A matter of Principle,” Israel Studies 5(2): 128-153 (2000).