Gilad Noam

Conference Organizers

Dr. Ronit Donyets-Kedar
Dr. Tally Kritzman-Amir


Moshe Cohen-Eliya
Tally Kritzman-Amir

First Session

David Miller
Ronit Donyets-Kedar
Daniel Viehoff
Yuval Eylon

Second session

Christine A. Leuenberger
David Newman
Tamar Meisels
Yishai Blank

Third Session

Chaim Gans
Nir Kedar
Robert Howse
Ruti G. Teitel
Aeyal Gross
Hassan Jabareen
Iddo Porat

Fourth Session
Sari Bashi
Yael Ronen
Nina Rabin
Daphna Hacker
Fifth Session

Thomas Spijkerboer
Asif Efrat
Yuval Shany
Gilad Noam
Katrina Wyman
Itamar Mann

Gilad Noam is currently a LLD candidate (doctorate in law) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His dissertation topic is "Allocation of Judicial Power between Domestic and International Courts and Tribunals – Some Guidelines for the International Criminal Law System" (Instructors: Prof. M. Kremnitzer, Prof. M. Hirsch).
Having previously obtained a LLB in Law and Humanities (Arabic literature) (2000), and a LLM degree (2004) from the Hebrew University, Gilad went on to serve as a clerk from 2000 till 2001, and as legal assistant to Justice Dorit Beinisch of the Israeli Supreme Court  (currently the President of the Supreme Court) from 2003 till 2004.
Gilad currently teaches a course on "International Criminal Law" at the Hebrew University, and coaches the Law Faculty teams of the Jessup International Moot Court Competition, and the ICRC International Humanitarian Law Competition. He also serves as an adjunct lecturer at the Haifa University (a course on "International Aspects of Intellectual Property Protection"), and Shaarey Mishpat Academic College (Public International Law).
Items published by Gilad deal with issues of international law, including the application of international law principles in the Arab-Israeli conflict, international intellectual property law, feminist analysis of international law, treaty-making powers in Israel and the suppression of the financing of terrorism. He has also published on labor law in Israel.